Gracie's Couch  The Cure - Friday I'm in Love

For your viewing pleasure, here are some more pictures of me!  I'll be adding new pictures in time so be sure to check back, but this seemed like a pretty good start.

  Ok, don't get me wrong, I love my parents.  I really do.  They feed me, they make sure I get the best food possible.  They have oodles of toys for me to play with and when I do really dumb things (like the time I jumped up in the middle of the kitchen table), they tend to just laugh it off.  But is it really necessary to torment me like this?  I mean, really, the t-shirt.....I'm a dog for crying out loud!  I don't need clothes, I have fur.  I feel like a fool in this thing, as is quite clear by the look on my face.  <sigh>Humans.......ya can't live with 'em, ya can't live without 'em.  What's a girl to do?


  I'll say it again - is it really necessary to torment me?  Bunny ears?  Are they trying to be ironic or something?  Honestly.  This was (in case you couldn't figure it out from the ridiculous bunny ears they have forced me to wear) my first Easter. 


  Now THIS is more like it!  Aren't I cute?  I'm on our couch.  Actually, it's a sectional.  You see, we were getting new carpet in the living room on this particular day, so the furniture was stacked in the kitchen.  I crawled up on it and I was peeking out to see if the carpet guy was almost done (I was tired and just wanted to nap but I can't fall asleep with a stranger in the house - who would protect us?).  He wasn't. 


  Heehee - this brings back some memories!  I absolutely love squirrels!  Not in a way that would please them, mind you.  I am a sighthound, after all - my job is to hunt and chase down game.  I'm quite good it despite the hoops my parents jump through to shoo the critters out of the yard before letting me out.  Anyhow, we had a family of squirrels that took up residence in a nestbox in our tree.  The box was meant for screech owls, but the owls never came.  The mother squirrel, however, did.  Her babies were learning to climb out of the nest box and guess who was waiting right below just in case someone took a nasty spill.  Yeah, me!  Sadly, none of them did.  They all survived to become adult squirrels and they eventually moved on to safer backyards.  My mom was quite relieved by that.


  This is me at about 14 weeks old.  It was taken about a week or so after my parents brought me home.  I'd played pretty hard all morning and finally decided it was time for a nap.  This red chair is really comfy!  I still curl up in it, though I don't look as tiny anymore!


  And last but not least, my mom entered me in a photo contest for Michigan Tails magazine.  I won in the Most Photogenic category.  My prize was this really cool tin filled with healthy dog treats.  On the tin was this label.  My parents ordered a whole case after they received this one - they wanted to be able to give one to my Grandma and they wanted a few extra for themselves.  Jeanie and I are sharing the treats.  The tin came from K9 Biscuit Company in Vancouver, British Columbia.  You can order your very own from them with your very own picture.  Just look 'em up online (or better yet, I'll put a link on my "links" page for you!).  The treats are great and the tin is a really neat collectible. 


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