Gracie's Couch HIM (Finnish rock band) - In Joy and Sorrow

This is Star.  She was our first ever dog as a married couple.  She was a lab mix that we adopted from the Michigan Humane Society in October of 2004.  She was a very challenging dog - or maybe not.  It could just be that we were still learning how to properly care for, and teach, a dog.  Star was deeply loved!  And she loved deeply!  Every dog that came through our doors, whether one that joined our family or a foster, became her baby.  She watched over them and played well beyond the point that she exhausted.  Star was born sometime in the spring of 1994 and died at the age of 11 on August 16, 2005 of cancer.


Star (front), Hope (fawn greyhound) and Zantz (blue/white greyhound)


Hope (left, about 6 months old) and Duke (right)


Hope in her Mickey Mouse Halloween costume.  She wasn't a fan of the costume.


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