Gracie's Couch

On May 11, 2007, I turned 1 year old!  My parents threw me a huge birthday bash.  Some of my favorite people in the whole world were there!  I had a birthday cake made especially for dogs from the Three Dog Bakery (hey, did you know that the Great Dane that helped inspire Three Dog Bakery is named Gracie, too??).  It was peanut butter and it was delish!  My parents ordered a chocolate sheet cake for the humans and the cake had MY picture on it!  I got tons of really nice birthday gifts - I have very kind and generous humans in my life.  Here are some pictures from the party of the decade (at least in my opinion).

  Here's my 1st Birthday Cake.  It was for me and Jeanie and as I said, came from the Three Dog Bakery.  Yum!!

  This is my Dad feeding me some of my birthday cake.  The picture is a little blurry but it's the best on we have as I was moving around quite a bit.

  This is me TRYING to play with one of my gifts.  Clearly, someone was interrupting me!

 And this, I suspect, was the "someone" in question.  My Uncle Ben - my Mom's brother - took me toy and was playing with me.

 Ah, I found the weak spot in the toy!  This was before I managed to totally disembowel it, but it's the start of the mess that I made!  By the time I was done, it looked like we'd had a blizzard in the house.  And on the tv?  The Tigers game - go Tigers!



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